5 Types of Visas in UAE To Obtain

5 Types of Visas in UAE To Obtain

Dubai is a country filled with numerous opportunity, which range from; investment, Business, Career growth, luxurious lifestyle and an awesome balance work-life. All this opportunity are legally backup and written down in a formal Procedure. Dubai/ UAE has an international outlook which attract tourist, entrepreneur and investors to the country. With the above description of UAE, We have 5 Types of Visas in UAE To Obtain and enjoy.

Best 5 Visa to obtain from UEA


Visit Visa is a type of traveling paper your relatives, friends or family member who is already a resident in Dubai can help you sponsor for you to visit UAE.
As a resident you are required to visit the following office or ministry for your to get a visit Visa for your relatives intending coming to UAE, you must get The Entry Permit from the office of MINISTRY OF INTERIOR or THE RELEVANT GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF RESIDENCY AND FOREIGNER AFFAIRS (GDRFA) It also referred to as IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT.
You can locate the offices of the above ministry at each Emirates of UAE.

Two Kind of Visit Visa.

We have long term Visit Visa and short term visit Visa.
Long term visit Visa is a kind of permit where a visit spend 90days in the country without doing any kind of work.

Short term Visit Visa on the other hand is a permit that allows you or your relatives to spend 30days in UAE.


With the new regulation in Dubai, you can obtain a Business visa through a Golden System, As a foreigner, you have to meet several condition before you can be issued a business Visa.
For a foreigner to qualify to for a Business visa, you must be an experience entrepreneur and also you have to accept the terms of willingness to relocate to UAE and also assure the government that your business will bring life to Dubai and it’s citizens.

If you met they concerned Authorities approval, you might get a 6month visa and that will give you enough time to settle down to plan and explore more strategic business plans. Please note that within this 6 months you are expected to obtain a trade license and before your visa expiry, you must have converted your Business visa to get a Residency permit.


This type of Visa is approved for eligible persons around the world to obtain. For anyone to get this Visa, you can be sponsored by the following; A licensed travel Agent, Hotels and Airlines. You can obtain a Tourist Visa if you are not a resident. The holders of this special Visa are only permitted to stay in the country for 30days or 90days although there are other several options available for Tourists. Please note that when you complete your days in UAE, you are allowed two options extension which is (while in the country for 30days each. Infant accompanying Adults can get a free Visit Visa from July 15th to September 15th each year. Therefore, as a Tourist, you can formally convert your Tourist Visa and obtain resident Permit from getting employment.


This Visa is majorly for short-term work in UAE, and they’re very limited. This type of Visa is also provided by the government itself and you’re permitted to work for a maximum period of 90days.on the Visa, you will have your salary, labor card and the expiry date with no extension. Please note that with this kind of Visa, you’re not allowed to convert to a resident.

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In Residence visa, the company, Hotel and hospital employing you will sponsor this Visa for you. So as an employee, you’re expected to submit all your relevant documents and most times you pay for the Visa cost or the company pays on your behalf. You’re expected to have the Residence Visa with you at the time of entering or stepping into UAE.
One can obtain a Residence Visa by acquiring a property worth at least 1 million or by opening or investing in a business that bring life to UAE.
A student can also obtain a Residence Visa in UAE or you can be a dependent of who is already a resident of UAE. But you must note that the above mentioned ways have conditions attached for a visa to be given to you.

As a expats, you need to undergo a serious medical test and for those that have Tuberculosis and HIVs are not granted access or are not given residency Visa so to say.

If you want to sponsor your family member or you want your whole family to join you in UAE, you must meet a specific criteria which is; You must be able to meet a minimum salary bracket and also you must be able to sponsor your dependent. Also if you want all the family members to come, you must be able to sponsor each person Visa, and they must pass the medical test for them to be granted access.

Please note, Tenure of Residence varies according your jurisdiction, 2 years Visa for Mainland, while Free-zones gets 3 years Visa for employment Visa only.
If you are into business, you get 3 years visa for mainland.

We hopefully believe you found this article on the 5 Types of Visas in UAE To Obtain useful. please if you have questions and suggestions, you can drop them right inside the comment box.

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