Answers to why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers 2021

Answers to why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers 2021

Over time people have come to realize how discouraging it can be to Listen to classical music on regular streaming services. Not completely criticizing regular streaming services after all they come in handy when you want a hit to blend with you present emotion. The bitter truth is most streaming services are just not designed to suit the needs of classical music enthusiast and here we have Answers to why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers 2021

This is where apple steps in to fix the already existing error. The company had earlier announced that they now own “PRIMEPHONIC” this is actually a streaming service that seeks to redress the grievances of the Classical music enthusiast.

Answers to why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers 2021

The Apple company hopes to achieve this by acting as Curators for the wonderful classical music experiences
With the use of undeniable exclusive audio content and the earlier mentioned prime phonic playlist and Apple has promised to offer exquisite experiences with standard features of the streaming service not excluding easy and accessible online search and browsing capacities with the aid of repertoire and of course Composer.
It plans on displaying the full details of the classical music Metadata including its benefits and features as well.

Answers to why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers 2021

The company aims at introducing an application that solely exist to entertain the classical music enthusiasts.
This action taken by the company happen to sweep everyone off their feet immediately they discovered the Tremendous upgrade being introduced by the company starting from the lossless music down to the spatial audio which happens to be free for those with active subscription.
It is quite obvious that people with interest in high fidelity sound reproduction tend to appreciate music more than other stylistic category. Apple only aims at giving this audiophiles the entertainment they have long been craving for. Obviously, this action is to the advantage of the Apple company as it gives them edge to attract lots of users from other streaming service.

I know it sounds quite unprofessional for an Application to be designed solely for the classical music lovers .
The unraveled truth here is Classical music enthusiasts appreciates every bit of the music they listen to and if there is a loose end it tends to affect them. This and many more grievances has been suffered by this enthusiasts from streaming on various platforms and some of them include.

Answers to why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers 2021

How the App works:

  1. Majority of the regular streaming services have failed to understand the whole idea of playing an entire symphony in a playlist.
  2. Its quite uncommon for classical music enthusiasts to only listen to the first movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
  3. It is fair enough to say that playing just singular parts of a track can make it loose its context and quality.
  4. Actually, classical music is mixed at a much lower volume compared to Pop. Its is usually done this way in order to maximize dynamic range.
  5. Whenever you play Classical music alongside other stylistic categories will lead to unnecessary fluctuations in the volume.
  6. You will eventually have to compress the dynamic range when trying to normalize the volume across different music.
  7. Actually, most streaming services make provision for “lackluster at-a-glance” details on the particular music being played. For instance, whenever you are listening to a new piece, it might be presented with the title of the piece and of course the performer(s) excluding the actual or the original composer.
  8. Classical music happens to have extremely long titles . For example, you might come across a title like “Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, OP. 13 – ‘pathetique’ -2. Adagio di molto e con brio.” But most times, they are being shortened or cut off before you can actually see the title of the piece.

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Answers to why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers 2021
Most at times the playlists are not enjoyable. The automated ones precisely.
It only offers you collections for greatest hits and the properly curated ones are but few.
Coming down to the subdivision of Classical genre, they are often not enough. For instance, if you are a lover of Baroque like (Bach) or maybe you fancy romantic stuff like (Tchaikovsky) but the classical period in particular like (Mozart) is not really your style. Maybe you are only interested in listening to choral works or maybe you have a specific taste in piece written for the cello. Meanwhile most services may have a handful of playlist for various classical genres but your options are limited.
Similarly, you also have limited search options if you’re trying to filter recordings by specific conductors, ensembles, orchestras and soloists.

These Challenges paved way for the prime phonic Application. Apple company seeks to redress this challenges.
As earlier mentioned, pertaining to the announcement of the acquisition of the Application. The major limitation of this service is its inability to satisfy the needs of people who don’t appreciate or enjoy classical musical.

The application being a classical oriented settings, cannot reach the majority of global classical listeners, especially those with love for other music genres.
In conclusion, for their purpose to be achieved, there should be room for partnership with a higher leading streaming service that has all music genres embedded in it, in order to satisfy the need of all.

With the aid of the Primephonic’s numerous features embedded into Apple Music as well as a custom application, classical music enthusiasts will literally have the option of getting proper listening experience and enjoy other genres as well. Also, they stand chances of having access to Apples cool new Spatial Audio tech in one of the categories of music in which it makes it more enjoyable.

These aforementioned features would give every lover of good music adequate reasons to migrate to Apple Music and enjoy the good life.

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