Best 7 Snapchat Alternatives for iPhone and Android in 2020

7 Best Snapchat Alternatives for iPhone and Android in 2020

Snapchat as a famous selfie App have made pictures filters extremely beautiful,which also have given many app developers the opportunity to create alternative app to snapchat. On this awesome article we have compile best 7 snapchat alternative for iPhone and android in 2020 with their benefits. with this best 7 alternative of snapchat you will have a much refined experience which is quite comparable to the original app(Snapchat) although they do similar work.

Best 7 Snapchat Alternatives for iPhone and Android

The following App are comprehensively designed to give you a similar experience with snapchat;



Wickr  is an end-to-end encryption app,with  this feature, it will help the users to get of all the erased messages,videos and photos that you might have exchanged. Wickr also have an anonymous messaging which uses a new key for each message and also with adjustable expiation timer which makes sure that you can be traced. Therefore, if you enjoy this above features,we believe you should have Wickr already installed in your iPhone and android device.

Just as an alternative to snapchat, it comes with so many filters such as; Stickers, Graffiti,flowers and others for your photos and videos. As a user, you are allowed to send media files to your contacts and groups without leaving any imprint to know you did. On Wickr, there are no Ads that is annoying and which may give you a bad experience about this app while using it. Finally, while using this App, your email or phone number is not required to sign up on Wickr.


Dust app

Dust is a fun filled app that have amazing  and special unique features. Just like an alternative to snapchat, this app have self-destructive messages and pinning of messages to help you remember your past conversations. Therefore,as a user, you will instantly receive notifications of messages which can also be captured on screenshots.

You can use the messaging app to discuss personal matters or send private media that will destroy automatically within 24 hourThe conversations taking place on the app does not reach the storage of the device. No names are displayed in the message sent by using this app.



This awesome app called Boo! is an alternative to Snapchat that mostly offer its users video chatting. Boo!s video chatting is second to none which is filled with fun and unforgettable experience.

The user needs to accept the people as a friend and can stay close to the real friends in a manner that is completely safe as well as private. Capture the snaps with the 3D lenses of the app and edit the video like never before. Add motion stickers, GIFs and doodles to boost the look of the captured shots. Just holding the profile picture starts a Quick chat connection in the fastest manner and with Boo!, one can experience a high level of video chatting.



. On Snow App, you can send funny and unique stickers to your friends while video chatting them. This app is also popular that it have over 100 million users around the globe just like Snapchat app.

Also on snow, your the posted videos can be watched only once by your friends. Share a video as a Story on your profile to update with the friends. You can instantly add a video with live face effects due to its simple interface. The user can also send video notes and invite people as well as friends to a group chat. Many new features like analog film and split screen are present in the latest app update always.



The app allows you to change the way you look with the help of amazing live photo and video effects. Using the masks and effects, you can easily turn into a panda and perform a face swap. The user interface of this Snapchat alternative app is simple and you can instantly use the effects on the photo.

The effects are classified into diverse categories and allow you to select the preferred one with ease. You can easily share the snaps using the diverse social networking platforms. Have fun with MQSRD never like before.



Wuu is a promising social messaging app available as an alternative to Snapchat for intimate friends. It inherits the popular features of Snapchat like auto vanishing of sent messages and no likes, followers. The users can exchange beautiful and bold private messages between the friends. Fan mail the people you like and get a message in the form of Wuu back to you.

Wuu deletes each sent and received messages within 24 hours and there are Wuubombs that vanish in seconds. A Larger number of features hidden inside the app to make the experience more creative. This app is free from any classifieds and advertisements. Wuu is currently available for iOS only and the Android version is currently under development.

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Snitchchat is a great means to save the snaps present on Snapchat without giving any notification to the sender regarding that. The icon of the app only prompts when the user is accessing Snapchat. The app user experience is clutter free and you can also record videos through the app.

To record the video, hold the icon of Snitchchat and the video recording will begin. This app is not an alternative to Snapchat rather than giving a pure experience of screenshots. It does not connect to the Snapchat servers or to any third party APIs. Currently, it is only available on the Android platform.

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