Customize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14 With Widgets

You could imagine how cool it will be to design Customize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14 With Widgets by yourself just with major steps, With android users tinkering with their widgets. we are here to inform you that your iPhone device was a bit boring with different Apps line up untidy and most times you have to continuously swipe to get what you want or looking for. But the good news is that if only you are ready to unlearn and learn, we are here to let you know that iPhone iOS 14 is reasonably dependable, well built and capable to give meaningful Widgets.

Customize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14 With Widgets

What you should expect from this article; We will be talking about the additional mightiest of iOS 14, What is a widget, How to Add and Stack Your Widgets, How to Trick Out Your iPhone Home Screen, Welcome the App Icon Pack and others. So, therefore, let’s hit the ground running.


What is Widget

This is a mechanical device, knob, like a rounded square icon, with a switch for various smartphone Apps that work with pop out notifications that might come from both corners of the screen, although Widget is superbly built to give you the information you need speedily. On widgets, you can easily move an app, reshape an app, edit an app and create an amazing feature that suits you and it works in a variety of apps including creating short cut for Snapchat and TikTok apps and they will give you a great view.

Customize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14 With Widgets

How to create a widget on iOS 14

Creating a widget on your iOS 14 is an effective way to make an iPhone device very easy to use at a go, this also helps to customize your favourite app according to your needs. Below, is the guide on how to create a widget on the iPhone. please note that the instruction or steps have abundant usage of attractive words.

There are only three major iOS widget sizes available on Apple and they are called Large, medium and small, this awesome feature is used to display handy information and they occupy the four-space of four apps which is in SQUARE, eight apps which are in HORIZONTAL RECTANGLE, and 16 app Which is in BIG SQUARE, which is basically half of your Apple iOS 14.

Customize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14 With Widgets


We are going to be using the MAP DESTINATION app as an example, this is what a profound widget looks like. this map destination widget shows you what city and location one is and also with this widget you will know the location of hotels, eatery and other recommended places.

Please note that the major reason for the widget is to add apps that you like that you want to access easily and which has a feature of giving you and your iPhone updates. Although some apps have built-in multiple widget features. Apps like Browsers app, Google Lens, Incognito Mode, and voice search. Please note most of the app can be minimum and others won’t be possible.  And there are also dedicated widget apps, like Widget smith, for those who want to more fully micro-manage their home screen experience.

Author Note: Your Apple iOS 14 have Weather, Calendar is currently topping widget on iPhone devices. it also interests me to let you know that you have 11 widgets to choose from. Using iOS native APP and also with the use of settings, like battery and screen time and these have widget also.
Steps to Add and Stack Your Widgets

  1. Press and hold a blank space home Screen until your apps start shaking.
    in the upper left corner, you will see the + sign
  2. Click on {+} and you can scroll through a list of available widgets for apps on your iOS 14.
  3. Click again on the widget, you can make the choice of choosing either large, medium and small.
    after that just TAP Add widget.
  4. When you are done tapping Widget, you will be automatically back to your home screen and apps still shaking.
  5. iOS will have displaced your apps to make room for the widget, but just hold down on it and move it around like you would any normal-sized app.
  6. Tap Done when everything is right where you want it, or wait for the jiggling to stop on its own eventually.
  7. You can edit some widgets as well, by long-pressing them and tapping Edit Widget.

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How to Fix Untidy Home Screen

We oblige you to allow your Apple iOS 14 to handle the selection process for you, then you can forward your settings but making the app icons to shake or jiggle. All you need to do is click on the + sign on the upper left corner and Click on Smart Stack. Having done the former, please you have the option to form the 14 ios plug widget according to the one that made sense to you from the three sizes.

In furtherance, it is important to let you know that, creating your own customize Stack is almost the better way, nevertheless, smart Stacker became a bit cool and smarter and was also made simple once you have widget already in your home screen and you can probably drag your preferred app icons on top each other when you might get your home screen to jiggle mode.

Customize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14 With Widgets



  1. To edit accordingly, You must hold down on the stack and tap Edit Stack.
  2. Drag them into whatever order you like, or turn on Smart Rotate to let iOS surface what it thinks is most useful at that moment, or swipe left to delete a widget.
  3. Click the {X} when you’re done fiddling.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with how a widget has come together, Tap Save in the upper-right corner.
  5. To keep better track of which widget is which, you can hit Tap to Rename in the top-center of your display.
  6. And then to get your new widget(s) actually on your home screen, closeout of the Widgetsmith app and head to your widget options by doing the app-jiggle-plus-sign dance.
  7. Choose the Widgetsmith, then the size of the widget you want to place.
  8. Then long-press on the Widgetsmith widget, tap Edit Widget and select your creation.

In customization of Smart stack, Widgetsmith plays a vital role in the creation of a broader home screen and also it can allow you to choose any image size and widget size. All you need to do is to follow this;

  1. Choose the size of the widget you want, then with default widget, select tiny bit to custom.
  2. Select Photo, then Selected Photo, then Choose Photo to grab something from your iOS photo library.
  3. You can also select Custom Text instead, with all the aforementioned font and colour choices at your disposal.

Welcome the App Icon Pack

I am glad to tell you that, the setting a widget is done. Although there is a decent space that you are also looking for how to change the app icon on your iPhone as well since that how you get glories.
If you want to have a suitable and sweet home screen, you need to have the following and it is a must; images to replace your existing app icon, iOS Shortcut and lastly, you must have patience because it requires a whole lot of time for you to achieve that goal.

    1. Open the Shortcuts app and tap the plus {+}sign in the upper right corner, then Add Action.
    2. Tap Scripting, then Open App, then Choose.
    3. Pick the app
    4. where prompted, then tap Done. (You are not done.)
    5. Now tap the three-dot menu on the shortcut you just made, then tap it again on the next screen and tap Add to Home Screen.
    6. Tap on the icon under Home Screen Name and Icon, and you’ll be presented with three options: Take Photo, Choose Photo, and Choose File.
    7. Go grab the image you want to reassign that app, and you’re all set.

Author’s Note: Clicking on your new icon will kick you to the Shortcuts app first, then over to the app you actually want, so you’re giving up a couple of seconds every time you use it. And the original app will remain on your home screen, so you’ll want to banish it to the iOS 14 App Library by long-pressing it, then tapping Remove App and Move to App Library. Don’t delete it by mistake!

In conclusion, for you to get it a perfect look, you must choose a wallpaper that will complement your widget and app also. After choosing your image of choice in your photo library, head to Settings, then Wallpaper, then Choose a New Wallpaper and find it there.

We hopefully believe you find this article on customize your iPhone home screen in iOS 14 with widgets useful. For questions and suggestions, please use the comment box below.

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