How Google scan malicious files for Advanced Protection users in 2020

How Google can scan malicious files for Advanced Protection users in 2020

How google scan malicious files for advanced protection for users in (2020) is about the new feature of google that can help and protect its users from high cyber security attack while you are using browser called Chrome. The Advanced protection for Google users is essential and a paramount tool that coexist the feature of; sending files for Scan against malicious virus and the Advanced protection is that full technology by google that makes you have a safe browsing, which would be an extra security for your files and your smartphones.

Although, in the past, Advanced Protection was not active the way it is now. Which means that previously, your downloading malicious infected files, music, video, photo, etc was usually blocked or flagged. But with the New Advanced Protection, it run automatically by enrolling your files and other document or programs and ask you the users to send it forth to an in-depth Scanning for your maximum protection

Therefore, you have to give your permission or approval as the user. Chrome browser will upload the files and the full scan for safe browsing will commence which make use of your metadata which includes, HASHES of the files its scanning and once is done, it will detect whether the files is malicious or not, then it will delete the file from the servers. Please that at clarity of the files in question, the files can be use according to the individual’s prescription.

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What You Know About Google Advanced Protection

The benefits of google Advanced protection can never be over emphasized. So, if you are journalist, politician, activist, reporter, blogger or etc. The new google feature is wholesomely designed for your benefit, therefore you don’t have worry when you lose access to your google because there is what we called Physical Security Key which have two purpose. one is used as a Backup and the other additional steps to very your identity so that your account won’t get to the bad people or hacker.

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