How to Create and Set up New Instagram Account

We are glad to compile this article on how to create and set up new Instagram account. Instagram is the best social media platform for millennial generation. Instagram was lunch in 2010, ever since it had continuously have a sporadic rise in its usage over the globe.  Wikipedia statistics Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide, With this well analysis, Instagram is a profound platform to reach a huge audience for any brand or business looking for growth and conversion. We employ you to read in between lines to grasp the best from this article.

Create Instagram Account/Sign up for Instagram

 1. Visit and on the home page, you will commence of Instagram account by clicking on sign up.

See the images below;

How to Create and Set up New Instagram Account

2. You have the option to either enter your phone number or your email address. When signing up, We advise you to choose a relevant business email that matches all your other social media feeds and links to the email you use most frequently. But you can choose to use a personal email if you are creating a personal account.

How to Create and Set up New Instagram Account

3. Enter your username, which may be your brand name as your username and it should be uniform across all social media platforms. This will help grow your brand as users will instantly recognize your brand.

4. Choose a unique strong password that will be hard to crack and make sure it is something you can easily remember.

5. Next you will have to upload a profile picture, if it is a private account it is best to upload a portrait. When it is a business account for your brand, you want your brand logo or picture to be instantly recognizable when it’s small. That means your image should be crisp, clear and free from clutter. If you’re part of an organization you could use any of the following on a clean background:

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  1. Logo
  2. Shortened logo
  3. Mascot
  4. Acronym

6. The next thing to do is to write a captivating Instagram bio.

Note: When writing your Instagram bio, it’s important to think about it as a form of marketing. As one of the first thing users see before they scroll down to your images, you want to make sure that you’re adding to your brand narrative and telling them a little bit more about who you are, what you do and how you can help solve a problem.

Instagram lets you to link to one URL on your profile, so it’s important to consider taking advantage of this opportunity. So if you’re a business,  you want to choose a link goes to somewhere important in your sales funnel, like your landing page.

I believe that this article on how to create and set up sew instagram account is helpful,we look forward for your question and contribution on the comment box below.

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