How to Create Charter Email – / Login – Adding Email Accounts in Spectrum Email

Adding Email Accounts in Spectrum Email

One could be wondering how to create a charter email and of what use these mail communications will serve him or her. you are absolutely in the right place to know much about charter email and the benefits attached.

First, Charter email is a webmail communication service that gives its users access to numerous online services such as Tv cable, High-speed internet and other special variety of service. This article has explained in detail; what is a charter, the history of the charter, the importance of charter email, how to create a charter email, how to set up a charter for mobile and mac, everything you need to know about and so many other things.

What is Charter Email

This is among the best and biggest Tv cable services provider in the united states Besides cable TV, Charter Communications also offers high-speed Internet and a variety of phone services. While the Charter’s service is not available in all areas within the United States, the company does have over 7.2 million customers in 40 major states.

History of charter email

Charter email communication was established in 1980 by Leonard H. Charles in great Barry county, Michigan. first and the original head system of charter office was located at 1001 Payne lake road Yankee springs township, Michigan. The following big names formed a big corporate partnership with Charles H. Leonard and the includes; Gary Wilcox and Gerry Kazma and these men are from Naperville, Illinois.

Importance of charter email

After Creating the mail for Charter Communication’s high-speed Internet service which is categorized as cable broadband, you will either receive or be able to create a user name. This user name not only gives you access to common Internet features such as e-mail, website development tools and the ability to customize your Internet experience, it also offers the ability to access your Charter Communications account information.

Users who have opted for a subscription to the Charter Email receive seven sub-emails to make sure they are able to run their company with ease. You do not have to pay any additional costs if you are already a Spectrum subscriber for the creation of a Charter account.

How to create a charter email– / Login

There are two Official websites of the Charter that look similar but have a separate function and purpose and they are; and when you want to create an email account on charter you can only use, meanwhile, when you want to check your email inbox and message, you must use Below are the methods to create an effective charter mail account.

  • Open with your device Browser and click on ‘Login” that is Next to Existing customers. Create a new account by clicking to create an account and also you can buy a service here. Fill in properly the required details and also in the right space provide and click “Enter icon”.
  • You are to create a new email address by clicking on the Blue Tab that says “internet service & Tools” Which will lead to seeing at the bottom of the page under three boxes at the bar that italic ‘Create New Email Address’‘. please Click on create New Email Address to finish your creation.
  • Choose your username; this username shall be used on the email website. Create a strong password and reenter the password in the text box provided. Click on Create New Email Address. When all this is done correctly, visit to login.

Roadrunner or RR email login steps

The following have been a way to have full access to the RR login page; First you have to open a TWC account and you will then be a TWC subscriber which lands you to their self-care Tab and when the tab opens please click on the option User management.

  • Click on Create New User for your registration to start on Roundrunner login progressively.
  • Once your registration gets completed, then you have to just select the suitable and strong sub-user ID to be Entered in the Given text box.
  • The fourth method is very important because it includes; personal Details, such as Your Name, Gender, and the Password( please choose a strong password). you have to re-enter the password for confirmation.
  • When completed successfully you can easily log in to the RR login account.
  • Now you can check your accounting by doing the Roadrunner login email on the Email Page.

TWC Email Login Steps

This email logins is almost similar with the above, so when you are looking for TWC page, please note that the steps is explained below.

  • Visit https:/
  • In the text boxes Provided,
  • Enter your login credentials, Via your username and password, and equally skroll down to complete your registeration.

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Setup Email Using IMAP

The below is majorly on how to create or set up your Charter email manually using your smartphone or PC. Follow keenly the following steps;

  • Download mail App or Software on your device.
  • Lunch the Mail App and visit the settings option.
  • Click on the Accounts Manage option under the Settings Tab.
  • Click on the “Create an account” option and also click on  “Any account” Although, there other options for you to choose from.

It is mandatory that you must fill in the text below with the highlighted text.

  • Enter your username and password.
  • Enter as the host-name for the Server.
  • Please insert this code 143 if it is insecure in the Port textbox, and 993 for Secure.
  • Choose Security Type to be None.
  • Click on Next to customize your email to by using IMAP.

Open My Charter Email with PC

  • Lunch your browser and Visit
  • Tap on the Login button.
  • Insert the Email address and password in the Text boxes provided.
  • Tap on the I’m not a Robot to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Tap on the Sign In button.
  • If you have not opened Charter account, Click on the Menu button and Click on the “Manage account button”,
  • Tap on “Create Username” button, Fill in the space and Click on the Sign up button to Create account.

Everything you need to know about Charter email settings

Please note that Charter Email has been renamed and it is now officially called, Spectrum webmail.Although for the dearly interest of old users, the domain name was still kept to help old users access their accounts.

Charter Communications, also known as Charter Spectrum, is one of the top cable providers in the United States. The company offers cable television, Internet, telephone, and wireless services.

New customers can use Spectrum email on desktop/laptop via the Spectrum webmail interface; for mobiles or Mac, they support IMAP, so that you connect via a third-party email services such as Outlook or Gmail.

But you must first sign up for at least one other service that Spectrum offers, as well as to create an email account to use Spectrum email, and set up email server details.

What are the email settings for

Incoming Server – IMAP
Port: 993
Security: SSL/TLS
Username: Your full Spectrum email address
Password: Your password
Outgoing Server – SMTP
Port: 587
Security: SSL/TLS
Username: Your full Spectrum email address
Password: Your password

Download the Mail app.

  • Lunch the Mail app > Other Mail Account > Continue.
  • Enter your information in the fields.
  • When prompted, enter in the Description field.
  • Follow to prompts to finished the setup.

How To Sign Up Charter Email with Mobile Device

  • Lunch any mobile browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.
  • Open this URL
  • Insert your Username and Password in the Text boxes provided.
  • Click on Login button to have access to your Charter webmail.
  • If you have not Sign Up the webmail, fill in the provided space and Tap the Sign up button.

FAQ. About Charter Email

Do we still have Charter email working?
Indeed the world famous Charter email still works, but it have a brand new name which is Spectrum Webmail. But you can keep your email address, only you have to access it via the new login address.

What steps to set up my Charter/ Spectrum email account?
Please note that You will first have to log in to your Spectrum account, go to Menu, select Manage Account, then choose Services and Internet, then Create Email Address.

Charter outgoing mail server
For IMAP, the Charter outgoing mail server is, port 587; for POP/POP3, the Charter outgoing email server is, port 25.

How to use third-party email to connect to spectrum.

You can use third-party email services such as Outlook or Gmail to connect your Spectrum email. To do this, you will have to see the same IMAP/SMPT settings as above, or POP/POP3, depending on the protocol you want to use.

POP/POP3 setting details:

  • Incoming Server – POP/POP3Server:
  • Port: 110
  • Security: SSL/TLS
  • Username: Your full Spectrum email address
  • Password: Your password
  • Outgoing Server – SMTPServer:
  • Port: 25
  • Security: SSL/TLS
  • Username: Your full Spectrum email address
  • Password: Your password

How to sign in the spectrum

  • Sign up to services and create a username and password.
  • Sign in to your Spectrum account.
  • Go to the Menu icon in the top left corner of the page and select Manage Account.
  • Choose Services >Internet.
  • Choose Create Email Address and create a new username.
  • Then select Create Mailbox (it should be something like
  • Enter your password > Finish.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation notice that your mailbox has been created.
  • Select Go to Mailbox to begin using your Spectrum email account.

We hopefully believe you find this article on How to Create Charter Email useful. please use the comment box below for questions and suggestions.

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