How to Create New Telegram Account

How to Create New Telegram Account

Welcome to amazing article on how to create new telegram account. Research have it that Telegram is the fast leading social network that have over 300 million active user all over the globe. The Interface of telegram is easy and neat with amazing chatting and marketing tools, With this great feature it becomes the fastest growing messaging app invoke.

Telegram is Unlike WhatsApp, with telegram you can use your account on multiple devices, this means that you don’t need to keep your smartphone with you, as you can run a single account simultaneously on multiple devices. You can also use your telegram account on your desktop browser because it has a standalone web version.

Telegram also have one of unique features of telegram which is cloud storage. There is no need to keep your backups like WhatsApp, because Telegram is a cloud-based messenger that keeps your all conversions in the cloud. On your Telegram, you can chat,send picture,videos and others files.

Telegram also allow you to have more than 200 members Unlike whatsapp that allows only 200 group members telegram allows you to have unlimited members in a group. You can share location and any file of your smartphone or computer up to 1.5 GB.

Create Telegram Account – Android and iOS

You are allow to download Telegram  for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. But, it is mainly designed for smartphones.

STEP 1. Install the Telegram app: Visit Google Play Store or App Store to download the Telegram messenger. Once you finish the installation process, Lunch the App.

How to Create New Telegram Account

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STEP 2. Enter your phone number: You MUST HAVE a phone number to create telegram account. Next tap on Start Messaging button to enter your phone number. As soon as you enter the number, you’ll get an OTP in your phone inbox. Enter that code into the app to continue.

How to Create New Telegram Account

STEP 3. Enter your Name: The final step in creating a telegram account is to enter your first and last name. You are done.

Please note that,the procedure to have multiple telegram accounts are same for both Android and iOS devices. So you have to set up your profile by adding your preferred picture and username and all his can be located on the setting page.

I believe that this article on how to create telegram account is helpful,we look forward for you question,suggestion and query through the comment box below.

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