How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently on Android iOS and PC

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently on Android iOS and PC

We are glad to compile this awesome article on how to delete telegram account permanently on your android and PC device.So if you have changed your messenger app or you’re done with telegram and you want to get rid of it,this article is majorly for your consumption. It may interest us to inform about some basic features of this wonderful app; You should aware that Telegram is one of the best messaging apps that keeps all your messages always encrypted.

Furthermore,you should also know that Telegram also saves your messages and files on the cloud which implies that you don’t need a backup anymore.

Implication of Deleting Telegram Account

If your mind had been made you to delete your telegram account,I want to let you know that is a simple thing to do if you can follow the steps; This article detailed exactly how you can delete your telegram account. Please note once you do this,you will lose the following forever; contacts,chats and files.

If your personal channels and groups were not deleted,it will still function effectively, but your active member will became the new Admin of the various groups and channels.

Please have it in mind that, Telegram will not Allow you set up a new account with the same phone number again for at least a couple of days after deleting your account.

How to Export Your Chats and files Before Deleting Telegram

For a telegram account to be export,you have to do the following underlisted procedure;

1.You must login with a PC and install Telegram App.

2.Click on the Three-Bar at the top-right side corner to reveal the navigation menu and select Settings.
3. Scroll down until you find the Export Telegram Data option, click on it.

Your next step is to choose the type of data you’d like to offload. The choice is yours to specifically select the particular chats you want to export;which include videos or GIFs, the export format, and also have the privilege to download only the stickers you’ve sent on Telegram.

After you might have selected data you want to export, Click Export and, depending on the size of your data, Telegram will run the extraction in a few minutes. Tap Show My Data to view the file. As you have exported your chats and files.


How to Delete Your Telegram Account using Telegram web Delete Page

Visit Telegram webpage with your browser:
The tool is not present on any of the native apps and is only accessible on the web.

Sign in with your number:
In the web portal and sign in with your Telegram number. You will see on the next screen, click the Delete Account link. You must state your reason in the available text box,why you want to delete your Telegram account, head over to the write your reason for leaving.

Hit the Delete My Account button when you’re ready. Select the red Yes, Delete My Account option in the prompt and you’re done deleting it.

Immediately,Telegram will delete your account and data permanently.

The above procedures are for individuals that wants their telegram account to be deleted immediately.

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