How to Download Files and Documents to iPhone or iPad

How to Download Files & Documents to iPhone or iPad

Do you find it difficult on how to download files and documents to the iPhone or iPad? Our Tech team has made its research and had also complied with this awesome article for your earnest consumption. Although as an android user or a computer user, you do find it hard unlike iPhone and iPad users to save your various files.

It obvious that Apple designed iPhones and iPad in a form that does not allow the users to directly download and save files or documents from your internet. Just as we have earlier said that our tech came up with a working alternative or ways to download our files from the internet.

How to Download Files and Documents to iPhone or iPad

The following are the content of this great article;

  • Where do Downloads Go on iPhone and iPad?
  • How to Change Download Location on iPhone and iPad.
  • How to Download Songs on iPhone.
  • Download Docs on iPhone and iPad.
  • How to Download Videos on iPhone and iPad.
  • Download Zip Files onto iPhone.
  • Saving Files on iPad from Google Drive.
  • Where do Downloads Go on iPhone & iPad? 
  • Download files from a password-protected website.
  • How to Change Default Download Location in windows 10.
  • Move iCloud Drive files,
  • How to download files on an iPad to specific apps.
  • How to download files on an iPad to specific apps.

So, therefore, lets hit the ground running before that, please read the below;

First, I will say that Apple iOS devices lack a proper systematical file arrangement that can perhaps use to manage local files. But improvement came up when they introduced files app iPad and phones, by this introduced feature, the burden was solved a bit. Although the best advantage is that it will satisfy the majority of your wants and needs with added function.

Recently, to download files on the iPhone and iPad was a heck and as such was a little hell for its users. But with the newly introduced Files App, your download documents, videos, photo and etc. will be downloaded in the files app. The apple iCloud drive directory inside the files app and has also created a download folder where all the downloads of iOS save automatically.

Please note that the iCloud also creates an automatic backup folder that you can restore in all your apple phones.

How to Change Download Location on iPhone & iPad

Of a truth, we have so many Browser out there that are ready to be used in our iPad or iPhones, But for an effective result, you’re advised to use Safari browser Because; The default file download location of Safari Browser is iCloud Drive and you can only download files and media content like videos, photo and documents with Safari Browser. Although you can change the download files location to iPad or iPhones phone storage. Below is the sure way to go about it.

How to Change Safari Download Location on iPhone

Visit the settings app of iPad and iPhones.
Click on the  “Safari” and open the setting.
Click on the “Download” option

Select iCloud Drive if you want it or Choose “On my phone storage

Depending on your choice of location, the files and media contents you downloaded on your iPad or iPhones will be saved there automatically.

How to Download Songs on iPhone

As an iPhone user, you have two options on how to download and listen to your favourite kind of music. The first phase is downloading your Mp3 music through Spotify and Apple music. These two apps allow you to stream music online and also download offline but you can share them with friends and family.

The second phase is by Using Safari Browser. Open your Safari Browser in your iPad or iPhone, Visit your preferred website source for your favourite Mp3 music and download your songs, although you have to save your music to a file location. Please note that you may find it difficult to see your music in the Apple music app but you can play that music from Safari and other files.

Download Songs on iPhone

  • Open your Safari app on iPhone or iPad device.
  • Open the website you get your music on.
  • Select the ‘Download’
  • Please click ‘Download’ from the popup.
  • Click the ‘Downloads icon‘ you will see on the top right corner of the window to view your download process.
  • Immediately after the download is finished, you can tap the file name from the Downloads list on Safari to play the music.
  • For your music please visit Files App > On My iPhone / iCloud Drive > Downloads. This will help you share the music among friends using Airdrop, WhatsApp and so many other apps.

Download Docs on iPhone & iPad

Just like the other explained flies above, for one to download documents on the iPhone or iPad, it has might have become simple. So, all you need to do is visit your website of choice or where you are downloading the document from, but remember you must use the Safari browser. Secondly, you will also view your already downloaded document on the safari download directory of your files apps. Below is a detailed explanation of how to download documents on phones or iPad.

Documents Downloads on iPhone and iPad

  • Open the website link using your Safari browser.
  • Click on Download the document file you wish to and also make choice to either save to your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Click on the download icon on the Safari tap and open the downloaded doc.

Please note that your iOS is designed to supports almost every industry compatible document file-formats which includes your Doc, Docx, PPTX, PDF etc.

Save Docs from WhatsApp to Files App

  • Click on the file sent to you to download the document file.
  • Tap to open the document file.
  • Select the share icon on the top right corner.
  • Click on ‘Save to Files’.
  • Select where you want the file to be saved and click on Done.

Please note, you can simply save documents with the above step from other apps.

How to Download Videos on iPhone & iPad?

Do you find it hard to save your videos? Or are you tired of screen recording Facebook video, youtube, Twitter and so other social media videos? Well, the below guides are for you.

  • If you want to have your Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Videos downloaded directly on iPhone or iPad.
  • Make sure the web source page is open. For instance, open the Facebook Video downloader website page and enter the FB video URL in the specified field to go to the download page.
  • Press-Long the “download” button on the website page.
  • Please click ‘Download Linked File.’
  • Your downloaded videos can be found on the files app.
  • Visit the Files app, and downloaded will be On My iPhone  Downloads.
  • You can as well share your videos by clicking on long tap the file > Share > Save Video.

Download Zip Files onto iPhone

This step is hard but if you choose to learn it, is quite a simple task to do.

How to download zip files on iPad or iPhone

  • Lunch your Safari browser and the download file on iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the Files App.
  • Open the files app download folder.
  • Click on the Zip file to extract it from the same directory.

Saving Files on iPad from Google Drive

Saving your files on Google Drive is considered to be one of the trustworthy Space on the internet. With google drive, one can store multiples ranging from the document, picture, videos, and other important. With google drive, you can also access your saved file with multiple devices like android,iPad, computer and iPhones.

Please note this difference Google Drive on Android has a direct download option to save documents from the cloud to the device storage while the iOS app allows opening the files within Google Drive itself, you might find it difficult to send them directly as an attachment to other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Save Files on iPad from Google Drive

  • Open your  Google Drive app.
  • Click on the three dots {…} icon against the document file you want.
  • Select ‘Send a Copy‘.
  • Click on ‘Copy’
  • Open the Files app on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Open any directory and long tap on the blank area of the window.
    Choose “Paste.”

Please note that you can easily locate the same document on your iPhone’s file system and this may not require another app.

Download files from a password-protected website

Have you ever tried getting any content from a password-protected website with your iPad or iPhone? If yes, we are going to introduce to you an app called Document 5 and you can download this app free on the Apple store.

This app called Document 5 is indeed wonderful and works marvellously just like the name appears. Below are the guides to use Document 5

  • After installation, open Documents 5 and also open the app’s browser Use the button in the lower right corner.
  • Visit the website you need to use to download a file or document.
  • Select your file you want to download and click on it to load it.
  • The Document 5 app will automatically prompt you to save that file.
  • From there you can change the name of the document and select its destination, either locally to the default My Files/Downloads folder of Documents 5, or to iCloud.
  • Click on Done when ready to save the document.

Please note that with document 5, you can select where your downloads will be saved. Either, My Files/Downloads folder, then the file will be stored locally on your device. From Documents 5, you will then be able to move it to iCloud or Dropbox, or Google Drive, for example. You will also be able to share it via email.

Move iCloud Drive files

  • Open the file that you want to move to.
  • Click on Select, then choose the file.
  • Click on Organize
  • Under On My [Device], choose a folder or tap New Folder to create a new one.
  • Click on Move.

We believe you find this article on how to download files and documents to the iPhone or iPad useful. please use the comment box below for question and suggestions.

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