How to Download YouTube Videos and Save to SD Card

How to Download YouTube Videos and Save to SD Card

Have you ever seen an interesting movies, musical video, publication on politics and other mind blowing stuff that you want to download on YouTube but you don’t know how to?  This Article is comprehensively written on How to Download YouTube Videos and Save to SD Card and I enjoin you to read and follow the steps carefully. Although YouTube videos has been set to illegal in many countries as it might lead to the copyright violation and unauthorized sales. Because of this, YouTube gave us a second option and that is to save videos on our phones and anyone can watch them without data or network connection, Although the downloaded videos have limited period to stay in your phone storage.

Therefore, we are here to give tips on how to download YouTube videos in a legal way or steps and you can have them saved in your memory card or SD CARD. follow these steps carefully.

Please note that YouTube video downloader doesn’t work in all countries, so before you have this app downloaded make sure your country’s IP allows it.

Save Videos Offline on YouTube

As earlier stated,the YouTube app for Android for your phone have an option to SAVE videos and watch them offline, but this option is limited and the features is only available for some country which is 125 country.

Unfortunately, YouTube download feature has not hit any of the western countries including the US and European countries. Similarly, saving musical contents are still not allowed in some regions. Follow these solutions to save videos directly from the YouTube app if the option is available in your country.

  •  Lunch YouTube APK on your smartphone.
  • Play the video that you wish to save offline.
  • Tap on the Download button, although most doesn’t allow you to download.
  • Make choice of the format of video you to download quality tap start.

Once your download start and finish,it will be saved in the smartphones internal storage and they won’t appear in your local gallery or any media player in your phone. Since YouTube video are network encrypted,you should know that your video can only be active for 29days and it will need data connection to avoid it been Delete after 29days.

How to Download YouTube Videos Playlist

Have you belonging to have a YouTube playlist,We have explained how to create and have that in your don’t need to start downloading them one by one, we have made it easy for you.

  • Open the YouTube app and expand any playlist.
  • Tap on the Download button at the top bar.
  • Choose the video resolution for the entire playlist.
  • Accept the message that warns you about the significant use of data and storage

How to Remove YouTube Video Playlist from Phone

We have outlined how you can remove your downloaded videos from your YouTube playlist and the following steps explain thus:

  • Lunch your YouTube app
  • Tap on the profile picture and enter the Settings menu.
  • Go to Downloads > Video quality.
  • Select  any of the available options — Ask each time, Low (144p), Medium (360p) or HD (720p).

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How to Save Offline YouTube Videos to SD Card

Let’s get to the business of the day which on how to save your YouTube videos on your SD cards and your native phone gallery. You can change your saving destination to choose SD CARD as the main and primary directory storage.

  • Lunch your YouTube app and tap on the profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Visit your Settings menu.
  • Click on Downloads.
  • Tap on Use SD Card to start using your external SD card as the default storage space in your device.

Please note if you didn’t do that above,you videos won’t be saved in your SD card but rather,your smartphones device storage.

We believe you found this article on How to Download YouTube Videos and Save to SD Card useful. Please if you have questions, suggestions and enquiry do use the comment box below.

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