How to Increase Mic Sensitivity in Windows 10 Effectively in 2020

You may be wondering how to increase mic sensitivity in Windows 10 Effectively in 2020? Many people wonder about this every day, and they just keep hitting the search button hoping to find some information that will help them solve their problem.

While there are many tips on the internet for increasing the sound levels in your computer, no one is actually making any type of claim that there is a real solution that works for all users. The best way to find out how to increase microphone sensitivity in Windows 10 is by reading a review from a professional technical person.

How to Increase Mic Sensitivity in Windows 10 Effectively in 2020

If you want to learn how to increase microphone sensitivity in Windows, you need to make sure that the software you are using is not one of the free ones. Many of these are only a waste of time because they are very limited in what they can do. When searching for software that can help you increase the microphone sensitivity in Windows, you need to pay special attention to the settings that are used.

You also need to make sure that you do not just buy any random software and expect it to work. There are a lot of people that try to sell you software that is full of viruses and other problems. This could very well cause more problems than you had when you started.

In this wonderful article, we will show you how to make your mic louder in Windows 10 and fix some common issues.

How to Clean the Mic to Increase Volume

We advise you to stay calm and check your Mic surface to be sure if, there are no dusty particles blocking the channel of the Mic. You have to check the just explained so that you won’t mess with the new software you just got. This because the laptop has an inbuilt microphone on it.

Most laptops are designed in a way that their Mic is always exposed to dust and also it will reduce the performance of the mic to almost 40- 59%. Depending on your model of laptops, most laptops have their Mic closely with the webcam and most times they are above the screen level. Just as we have earlier stated that most model of laptops still has their Mic on the bottom body and some other part of it.


Use a damp cloth for cleaning the laptop Mic, please make sure the wet cloth doesn’t have much water on it to avoid destroying you Mic vent.

Ways to increase your Mic Louder for Others from Windows Settings

The below steps are possible ways you can increase your Mic louder from your windows setting because most times, you will not know that it was reduced in your windows settings.

windows settings

  • Open your Settings and click on System.
  • Choose from the left column, select Sound.


  • Click on Device properties under the Input heading
  •  On the next page, you can increase mic volume using the slider.

  • If you’re still not satisfied, click on Additional device properties.
  • Go to the Levels tab in the properties dialogue.
  • Here you can further adjust the Microphone boost values to better suit your needs.
  • There should be a volume boost on the microphone input on your laptop after this. Read further if the issue still persists.

How  to Boost Mic Volume in Windows with Audio Manager

If you are observant enough, you could notice that Windows have an inbuilt audio microphone manager and this can help you set the sound both in the system and the software level. Although hardware developers have also upgraded by installing sound settings on our windows system.

By using these awesome tools, you can possibly and easily set your mic and also it will help you have a louder volume in the system.

Boost mic volume from Conexant SmartAudioDepending on your Laptop model, you might not find the manufacturer including a sound card for you or maybe you weren’t able to locate it or it was not installed in your laptop, please consider have the proper drivers installed in your laptop.

Steps Fix Mic Sensitivity in Windows 10

If you have all those setting perfectly working and maybe you want some other chalk of making your laptop loud. The following under listed steps will go a long way to help and your laptop, so in conclusion, you can fix other issues through the steps below.

  • Click on Windows+R.
  • Type mmsys.cpl and hit enter.
  • From the Sound control panel head to the Recording tab.
  • Select your microphone and click Properties.
  • In the Properties dialogue, go to the Enhancements tab.
  • Check or uncheck the enhancements and click OK.

Please note that concerning Enhancement Tab; it will only appear or apply if your laptop sound card support it. Therefore we enjoined to be certain that your window 10 features are advanced and up to date.

We hopefully believe you this article on how to increase mic sensitivity in Windows 10 Effectively in 2020 useful. Please for questions and suggestion, use the comment box below.

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