How to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed on the HTC One

How to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed on the HTC One may have imposed a difficult task for you, However, HTC’s BlinkFeed although has turned to so many users an irrelevant App and for this reason we disabled and left to collect dust. Good news comes with its latest update, it’s no longer a total waste of Home screen space on your HTC One.

It can now be used as a social network and news aggregator that collects all you can eat. With Sense 6 (new for HTC One, coming soon to other phones as well), HTC has finally found a way to make BlinkFeed interesting, but you need to set it up properly to take advantage of it. Check out the latest news and updates from your favorite sites and Twitter feeds for instant updates on Instagram, Facebook and more. How to get started.

What is BlinkFeed?

BlinkFeed is a HTC restrictive element that packs all your number one substance on your homes-creen. Essentially, it unites your online feeds into one spot — your home-screen. Feeds incorporate those from BlinkFeed-upheld locales, chosen classes of feeds, posts from other applications, and feeds from your informal organization accounts. In case you’re acquainted with the Flipboard application, you’ll see that BlinkFeed has comparative capacities, then again, actually BlinkFeed is profoundly incorporated to the most recent form of HTC Sense and has restricted highlights contrasted with Flipboard.

Your feeds are shown directly on your home-screen, so you will not have to explore around your telephone or dispatch an application just to get your day by day portion of new substance from your number one memberships. As a home-screen, BlinkFeed likewise shows the time, date, your area, temperature, and climate data.

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Keep BlinkFeed on the Home screen

Of course, BlinkFeed is nailed to the farthest ventured out from Home screen in Sense 6. Swipe right to see BlinkFeed, then, at that point swipe over again to draw out the menu that allows you to look, add content, and change settings. From here, you can tap Highlights to get a fast posting of the most recent updates, or select from any of your custom themes and social feeds to see their substance.

At the point when you need to add content, you should simply look for it. Each search will return a posting of results identified with your question; in case there’s a RSS channel related with that term, BlinkFeed will offer you the chance to buy in to it. You can likewise add Twitter channels and YouTube channels, and the application will likewise show connections and records identified with your pursuit term. Additionally, to guarantee that BlinkFeed will recover the data you need, you can see the membership page before you focus on it.

You can look for a particular hunt term and “screen” it.

How to use HTC newly Revamped BlinkFeed App

Don’t actually mind to see where your companions are checking in? You can likewise pick which of the themes BlinkFeed Highlights. Just uncheck what you don’t need occupying space in the Highlights points in the settings.

On the off chance that you wind up getting connected to BlinkFeed, you can set it as your default Home screen from the Android settings menu (go to Personalize then Manage home screen pages). To sweeten the deal even further (and to captivate you to keep on utilizing it), it’ll likewise show the time and climate at the exceptionally top.

On the off chance that you get connected to it, you can set up BlinkFeed as your essential Home screen.

Use it to check up on friends

On the off chance that you would prefer not to open up a lot of individual applications to check what your companions are doing on informal communities, you can utilize BlinkFeed as an aggregate aggregator to peruse what they’re posting. In the Settings menu, under Services and Apps, you can decide to interface Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and FitBit, just as whatever other related applications that have BlinkFeed combination inherent. Since HTC as of late opened up the BlinkFeed API, you ought to expect more application reconciliation to show up in the coming months and with this you know How to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed on the HTC One

Leave a remark for a companion on Instagram from BlinkFeed.

Once associated, BlinkFeed will start confusing in those notices with the remainder of your news content. You can likewise choose any of the individual informal communities you need to determine the status of from the navigational menu. As a little something extra, you can remark and “like” posts straightforwardly from inside BlinkFeed without dispatching into an application, just as post status messages to your informal communities.

Pick your long range interpersonal communication poison.

Sync content for offline reading

You don’t generally need to be associated with an organization to check BlinkFeed. You can undoubtedly enable Offline news reading from the Settings board. Select Text only if you just need BlinkFeed to do a barebones download, or Full article to sync all content and pictures in each revive. Both of these modes will bring about information utilization on the off chance that you do it over the organization, however you can set BlinkFeed to just invigorate consequently over Wi-Fi.

Pull in your read-it-later stuff, too

It is safe to say that you are the sort to gather stuff to peruse later in applications like Pocket or Evernote? In the event that you have perused it-later applications like these introduced, you can add them to Blinkfeed, as well. They don’t actually incorporated that well into the standard BlinkFeed “stream”, yet you can swipe over to the menu and rapidly change to one of these administrations rather than the typical Highlights see.

The new BlinkFeed in Sense 6 is an undeniably more smoothed out, adaptable, and exquisite arrangement than previously. On the off chance that you’ve generally handicapped it previously, you should offer the enhanced one a chance prior to crippling it.

How to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed on the HTC One

HTC adopts a new strategy to the look and feel of Android telephones with the HTC One’s BlinkFeed highlight. Acquiring components of Windows Phone and Flipboard, BlinkFeed streams news features and social updates right to this current gadget’s fundamental home screen. Tap on one of the tiles of fluctuating sizes to peruse a synopsis; you can either snap to peruse the full story or go right back to your substance nibbling.

Fueled by the organization behind the News Republic application, BlinkFeed has a few top-level substance accomplices, from The Associated Press and The Huffington Post to MTV and ESPN. Also, you can have BlinkFeed suck in refreshes from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here’s the way to begin.

11 Steps to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed

  • STEP 1. Tap on one of the large blue tiles that says Get Started. You’ll be taken to the Topics and Services screen, where you’ll see multiple content options.

  • STEP 2. Select the brands you would like to follow on the Featured Headlines screen. Choices range from AP and Reuters to AutoBlog and ESPN.

  • STEP 3. Swipe in from the right to the Categories page to choose the types of content you want to appear in your BlinkFeed. The categories include Trending Topics, Business, Entertainment, Music, Politics, Sports, Technology & Science and more.

  • STEP 4.  Swipe in from the left to access Services & Apps and select the options you would like to appear on your BlinkFeed. On this screen, you’ll find several social service options, including Facebook, LinkedIn for HTC Sense and Twitter. You can also choose to add Calendar, Zoe Share, Kid Mode and TV listings.

  • STEP 5. Press the back button to return to the BlinkFeed screen. Your feed should automatically update.

  • STEP 6. Swipe down at any time to refresh the BlinkFeed. You can set whether BlinkFeed updates over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G in settings. (See step No. 10.)

  • STEP 7. Tap Highlights to toggle between a collection of highlighted posts and social updates from all of your selected outlets. Tap any single brand to see updates only from that brand or service, such as Business or Twitter.

  • STEP 8. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Pencil icon to send a quick post to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

  • STEP 9. Tap the search button and begin typing to search your BlinkFeed for related news and updates.

  • STEP 10. Select the three dots to change the settings. You can then tap Topics and Services to customize your BlinkFeed and access other settings.

  • STEP 11. Tap Customize Home Screen if you don’t want BlinkFeed to be the first thing you see when you unlock your phone. Press and hold another home screen and then drag it up to the area marked Set Aas Home.

How to master BlinkFeed

The HTC One is an astounding telephone; it has an attractive body, shows staggering visuals on an eye-popping show, and is stuffed with a great deal of features  one of which is HTC’s BlinkFeed. What is BlinkFeed and how might you utilize it to its maximum capacity? In this article, find how to dominate BlinkFeed. You’ll discover a few hints and deceives on utilizing BlinkFeed, including concealing it from your telephone’s home-screen.

How to Customize BlinkFeed

To indicate what sort of feeds to show on your BlinkFeed home-screen, go to the highest feed or tap the Home capacitive catch to get back to the highest feed. Swipe marginally descending, barely enough to uncover a column of customization catches. Try not to swipe downwards excessively far on the grounds that that will cause a constrained invigorate.

From the column of catches, tap the Options button addressed by the three square dabs. Select Topics and Services from the menu.

From here, you can alter your BlinkFeed content. You will discover three tabs: Services and Apps, Feature Headlines, and Categories. Simply swipe left or right to switch tabs.

Service & Apps tab

On Services and Apps tab, you can choose which applications and person to person communication applications can show content on BlinkFeed. You can choose Calendar, HTC Share, Kid Mode, and the TV applications. You can likewise login to your Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, and Twitter records and view your informal community reports on BlinkFeed.

Featured Headlines tab

The Recommended Headers tab lists the supported media sources. The list varies depending on the default country set for BlinkFeed. The country can be set by opening the BlinkFeed menu, selecting Settings, touching Local Content, and then selecting a country from the list. Then select those sources that you want to appear in BlinkFeed. Unfortunately, you cannot remove or add your own custom media sources.

Categories tab

The Featured Headlines tab shows a rundown of upheld media sources. The rundown shifts as per the default country that you set for BlinkFeed. You can set a country by opening the BlinkFeed menu, choosing Settings, tapping Local substance, and afterward choosing a country from the rundown. A while later, mark those sources that you need to show up on BlinkFeed. Tragically, you can neither eliminate nor add your own custom media sources.

  • Trending Topics
  • Automobiles
  • Business
  • Design
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Gaming
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Technology & Science
  • Travel
  • World

After customizing your BlinkFeed content, go back to the main page to start browsing your feeds.

Browsing BlinkFeed

To browse your feeds on BlinkFeed, just scroll up and down and tap on a feed title to open the post. On any post’s page, you can:

  • Swipe left or right to view the next or previous post.
  • Tap the source name on top to view a list of existing feeds from the same source.
  • Tap the 3-dot icon and select Font size to scale font size.
  • Tap Share at the bottom of the screen to share the current post.

Managing BlinkFeed

With content and updates coming from many sources, you might have a hard time browsing for specific content on BlinkFeed. Fortunately, you can clean up your feeds and hasten the search.

Blinkfeed Highlights

One way to narrow your feed down to just those posts that you want to highlight at that particular moment is to select media sources from the Customize Highlights page.

  • Show the customization menu by swiping the feed list downwards slightly.
  • Then, tap on the dropdown list at the upper-left part (below the time).
  • Beside Highlights, tap the Options (three-dot) button to open the Customize Highlights page.
  • From there, uncheck those media sources whose posts you don’t want to show up on the BlinkFeed list.

Another trick is to just tap a source name from the Highlights list to quickly filter out all other posts except those from the selected source only.


In case you’re searching for a particular post, you can scrounge through your feed with the Search work. Simply type the watchword or expression that you’re searching for, and BlinkFeed will progressively make a rundown out of posts containing the pursuit string.

How to upload Status updates

Beside being refreshed about the most recent buzz and patterns, BlinkFeed additionally allows you rapidly to present announcements on your enrolled social records. Simply tap the pencil button on the top line, select a social site, and type in your status updates.

Refreshing feeds

Need to peruse new feeds? Revive your BlinkFeed. To physically revive your feeds, go to the highest page on BlinkFeed and swipe down until you see the “Delivery to invigorate” name on top. Give up and BlinkFeed will invigorate your feeds. You will require a functioning Internet association with revive your feed list.

As a matter of course, BlinkFeed will naturally refresh your feeds when your telephone is associated with a Wi-Fi organization. Be that as it may, you can likewise refresh by means of both Wi-Fi and your portable information organization. To empower this alternative, open the BlinkFeed menu, select Settings, select Auto Refresh, and pick “Utilizing Mobile Data or Wi-Fi”. Observe that picking this choice may make you cause additional charges from your transporter.

Hiding BlinkFeed

Not every person is exceptionally content with BlinkFeed. A few clients don’t appear to endorse an across the board takes care of center point on their telephone’s homescreen. If you like it, BlinkFeed is incorporated with HTC Sense, so you can only with significant effort eliminate it from your homescreen.

The beneficial thing, however, is that you can limit its quality by changing the principle homescreen. Or then again, for a more extraordinary arrangement, you can totally conceal BlinkFeed from see by utilizing a third-party launcher or streak a custom ROM on your telephone.

Changing the main homescreen

Be default, the BlinkFeed page is set as your main homescreen. So, every time you tap the Home button, you return to BlinkFeed. You can override this default behavior by choosing another main homescreen.

To set another homescreen as your main homescreen, you can do so, as follows:

  • Open the Menu (three-dot button) in BlinkFeed and select Customize Home Screen.
  • From there, you will see thumbnail previews of your homescreens.
  • Hold down on the homescreen that you want to use. A row of text will appear.
  • Drag the homescreen thumbnail to “Set as Home” to select the homescreen as your default main screen. You’ll see see the Home icon appear on the chosen thumbnail.

If you select another homescreen as your main homescreen, tapping the Home button will no longer take you to the topmost post in BlinkFeed. Instead, it will take you to the homescreen designated as your main homescreen.

Third-party launchers or custom ROMs

How to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed on the HTC One on another homescreen as your main homescreen, you can do so, as follows:

  • Open the Menu (three-dot button) in BlinkFeed and select Customize Home Screen.
  • From there, you will see thumbnail previews of your homescreens.
  • Hold down on the homescreen that you want to use. A row of text will appear.
  • Drag the homescreen thumbnail to “Set as Home” to select the homescreen as your default main screen. You’ll see see the Home icon appear on the chosen thumbnail.

If you select another homescreen as your main homescreen, tapping the Home button will no longer take you to the topmost post in BlinkFeed. Instead, it will take you to the homescreen designated as your main homescreen and obviously that is How to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed on the HTC One.

Third-party launchers or custom ROMs

In case you’re actually troubled by the presence of BlinkFeed on your telephone’s homescreen, you can utilize outsider launchers to totally conceal BlinkFeed from see.

There are a great deal of launchers on the Google Play Store, going from straightforward stock Android launchers, to peculiar and eye-popping 3D launchers.

For a more uncommon, progressed, and in-your-face arrangement, you can streak a custom ROM on your telephone. Doing this eliminates BlinkFeed and HTC Sense as well as by and large patches up your Android experience.

Hopefully I believe this article on How to Set Up and Use BlinkFeed on the HTC One was useful to you, Please send your questions and suggestion through the comment box below.

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