How to Stop Battery Drain While Using Waze and Google Map Easily

Have ever Wonder why your android phone battery dies fast, This reason is simply that Waze and Google map is using the location service to get updates on your real-time location. Although  the very disadvantage of this location service is the excessive phone battery drain. However, it is pertinent to note that whether it is Google map or Waze, the location services are notorious for draining phone’s battery so quickly. In that same vein, we have articulated on how to stop battery drain while using Waze and google map easily solution in order to save your phone battery duration.

Although, Whatsoever the solution is, the navigation map needs to use location service and you can’t limit phone battery drain complete.

How to Stop Battery Drain While Using Waze and Google Map Easily

As already stated above, we are going to list a few solutions to limit the battery drain while using Waze or Google Map with Android or iPhone.

Article Outline/Focus;

  • Use Location Service While Using Google Map/Waze iOS Users
  • Turn Off Location Change Reporting (Waze)
  • Use Battery Saver with Waze (Android)
  • Switch Phone to Low Battery Mode (Android/iPhone)
  • Turn Off Mobile Screen, Go with Voice Direction and Alerts (Google Map/Waze)
  • Get Offline Map and Avoid Data Download (Google Map/Waze)
  • Car Chargers Are Cheap (Android/iPhone)
  • Turn GPS off!

Use Location Service While Using Google Map/Waze iOS Users

Android phone has this features of asking or mandating users when they lunch Google Map or Waze first time on Android phone, You are only expected to alone but the users have to permit Google Map/Waze Location Service to work.  We have three (3) major “Location Service” options to select for iOS users. Please follow the steps below for iPhone users.

  • Visit iOS Settings on your Phone
  • Select  Privacy
  • Click on Location Service
  • Select Google Maps or Waze app, and select the options;
  • Never” (Waze can’t work at this mode).
  • While using the App” (Location Service will use only Google Map/Waze is open).
  • Always” (use the Location service always even Google Map/Waze is not open.

You need to choose “Always” mode on the off chance that you need to partake in every one of the highlights offered by Waze. Waze is utilizing this “Location Service” to synchronize with schedules to remind you about an opportunity to leave). On the off chance that you are stressed over this area service turn on constantly, change to “While Using the App”.

Turn Off Location Change Reporting (Waze)

Here and there you see Waze Location is ALWAYS on even after you stopped the Waze App? This will drain your battery in low rate even you are not opening the Waze App. Waze is using location change detailing for Time to leave Reminders (synchronized with Phone Calendar).

Waze is getting to your present area in any event, when you are not utilizing the application to remind you about your iOS schedule occasions particularly for arranged drives and time to leave warning.

On the off chance that you are not happy with this feature and you think your iPhone battery is depleting with this area detailing, you can wind down this element.

  • Open Waze App on iPhone
  • Tap on Waze Search button
  • Tap on Gear button for Waze Settings
  • Select General
  • Turn off Location change reporting.

Use Battery Saver with Waze (Android)

Waze upgraded the Android version with devoted battery Saver Option. This alternative is permitting the Android clients to change the telephone to battery mode while utilizing the Waze or they can set to turn on battery save mode automatically while utilizing Waze.

This is another component showed up in the most recent Waze App on Android Phone. To turn on this element;

  • Open Waze App on  Android.
  • Tap on Search button on Waze
  • Select Waze Settings
  • Tap on Battery Saver
  • Tap Down Arrow next to Battery Saver
  • Now you have three options to select;
    • Off
    • Ask before turning On
    • Automatically Turn On.

This feature is currently available for Android users only, iPhone users can manually switch to battery saver mode.

How to Stop Battery Drain / Switch Phone to Low Battery Mode (Android/iPhone)

Battery Saver Mode will consequently lessen the screen brightness two or three other foundation movement to save battery on both Android and iPhone. This feature can be utilized while using Waze or Google Map on iPhone or Android.

To Turn on Low Battery Mode on iPhone;

  • Open iOS Settings
  • Tap on Battery
  • Turn On Low Power Mode

Alternatively, you can turn on Low Power Mode from iOS Control Center directly rather than going through the settings.

To Turn on Low Battery Mode on Android;

  • Open Android Settings
  • Select Battery
  • See Battery Saver from available.
  • Tap Turn On Now (Alternatively, you can turn on Battery Saver from Android Control Center).

Turn Off Mobile Screen, Go with Voice Direction and Alerts (Google Map/Waze)

Screen Display and the brilliance is the significant part that burning-through the battery power. At the point when you use Waze or Google Map, you can get voice bearings from both applications; even you turn off the Screen. For Waze clients, you can in any case get the street danger and other crisis alarms even you turn off the cell phone clients.

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On the off chance that you are venturing out from work to home and the streets are natural to you, then, at that point you can wind down the screen and still you can get traffic cautions. Google Map will give you the turn by turn bearings even you are not running the Google map on the front screen. This is an answer for save battery life while utilizing the Google Map or Waze in the event that you product acquainted with the courses and need just traffic alarms.

Get Offline Map and Avoid Data Download (Google Map/Waze)

You can download the disconnected guide for Google Map and Waze ahead of time when you plan the excursion. Google Map is supporting to download and save disconnected Map, while for Waze, you need to rely upon the brief download choice.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you as of now download the guide to utilize disconnected, there is no compelling reason to utilize the Cellular Antena and information to download the guide data once more, and this can be valuable to save battery while utilizing Google Map or Waze App on Android or iPhone.

Car Chargers Are Cheap (Android/iPhone)

This is the last choice. Vehicle chargers are really modest today and you can have one vehicle charger to work with your vehicle’s cigarette lighter connector. These can charge your telephone while you drive and there is no compelling reason to stress over battery channel while the vehicle charger continues to siphon the charge to the battery while Map applications are depleting the battery.

In light of your telephone, the remote vehicle chargers or USB vehicle chargers with extra highlights are accessible for under 15 bucks.

We covered all potential answers for stop channel telephone battery while utilizing the Map applications. Relies upon your necessity, How to Stop Battery Drain While Using Waze and Google Map Easily  you can several arrangements from here that can save telephone battery while driving with the Map application.

How to turn off Waze navigation in 2 ways, to save battery

If your phone is running out of battery, or if Waze is simply distracting you, you’re going to want to turn it off. How to Stop Battery Drain While Using Waze and Google Map Easily whether you’re using the app on your iPhone or Android device

Turn GPS off!

One of the greatest battery swines in your telephone is GPS. That thing will kill your battery so speedy you will not take note! However, that is just on the off chance that you let it. Obviously, one can restrict the utilization of applications that require GPS access… or one could simply turn the thing off when not being used!

Most Android gadgets will have a GPS switch in the warning region. Then again, you can simply go to the Location choices in the Settings and turn it off.

Disable Google Access Location

On the off chance that turning GPS off isn’t sufficient, you can truly kill area highlights. The solitary issue is that this will influence different administrations that may require this information to work, yet some of you clearly don’t see a lot of worth in that at any rate.

On the off chance that you fall inside this pool of clients, simply head over to your Settings, select “Area” and mood killer the component.

How to Clear the cache and data for Google Maps

Application reserve is typically something to be thankful for. It stores information locally so your telephone will not need to stack it from the web each and every time it’s required. Reserve can likewise make trouble or go downhill, however. It’s great to clear it from time to time.

To do this, just head over to your Settings application and hit on the “Applications” alternative. In the wake of getting to the App Manager, simply search for the Google Maps application and tap on it. Inside you will discover choices to clear the store and information.

Downgrade Google Maps

We don’t know about this one, but rather a lot of online reports guarantee that Google Maps turned into a much greater battery drainer as of late. It very well may merit an attempt, regardless of whether possibly to check whether this works. Regardless of whether you will wind up with a more established variant of Maps. Simply remember that when utilizing a more established variant of Maps, the help presumably will not be pretty much as solid as it would be if you somehow happened to utilize the most recent adaptation.

To do this, essentially head over to the App Manager, discover Google Maps and select it. There will be a choice to “Uninstall refreshes”.

How to Disable Google Maps

When in doubt, and you truly think Google Maps is the fundamental driver of your battery misfortunes, there’s consistently a final hotel – handicap Google Maps. Fundamentally, this will make it as though the application isn’t introduced in your telephone. Presently, this is a stock application, so it can’t actually be erased. Google Maps will in any case be there, it just will not be dynamic. The symbol, alongside the entirety of its usefulness, will vanish. This additionally implies some different administrations that rely upon Maps will neglect to work.

Is it accurate to say that you are making this stride? Simply head over to the App Manager and discover Google Maps. Inside the alternatives there will be a “Cripple” button. Tap on it and be coming.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, Google Maps is one of those applications that we just need to figure out how to live with (essentially to an insignificant degree). Ideally these tips will help you hold it under wraps, however. Do hit the remarks and advise us on the off chance that you have attempted any of these strategies. Which one turned out best for you?

How to stop Waze from gobbling up your iPhone’s battery life when you’re not using it

Area administrations are basic for applications like Google Maps, Uber and Waze, yet they’re an enormous channel on your telephone’s battery. It’s a tradeoff we’ve figured out how to live with, in light of the fact that it offers such a lot of significant worth when you’re utilizing one of these applications.

The greater part of us have fostered the propensity for closing down a GPS-based application when we’re finished with it, to hold it back from proceeding to utilize area administrations behind the scenes. It’s a procedure that is generally lovely dependable.

Yet, not all applications completely give up command over area administrations when you shut them down.

On iOS, Waze will, as a matter of course, keep on utilizing area benefits even after the application has been strongly left. In case you’re a Waze client, ensure the application isn’t open behind the scenes and afterward investigate the status bar at the highest point of your screen: If you see a little bolt alongside the Bluetooth symbol, it implies area administrations is being utilized at this moment.

Waze is simply attempting to be useful obviously; it’s utilizing area administrations to monitor any progressions in your present area with the goal that it can continually refresh how much notice you’ll require for any arranged drives in your future. Google guarantees that this uses next to no of your battery’s force, however it doesn’t really say how a lot. For a few, this element is significant, however for by far most of Waze clients, it’s anything but’s a misuse of battery life. Here’s the means by which you turn it off:

  • Open Waze and tap the settings wheel (tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app to reveal it).
  •  Scroll down to ‘General’ under the ‘Advanced settings’ section.
  • Look for ‘Location change reporting’ and slide it into the off position.

That is it. Presently leave the application totally and investigate your status bar: The area administrations bolt should at this point don’t be apparent, and you’re headed to longer battery life. On the off chance that you can in any case see it, check if there are some other GPS-utilizing applications running behind the scenes. Certainly, leave the entirety of your open applications, and check once more. In the event that you can in any case see the little bolt, it’s the ideal opportunity for the nuclear alternative:

Go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’ application > ‘General’ > ‘Reset’ > ‘Reset Location and Privacy.’ This will erase the entirety of your application consents for things like photograph access, area administrations, camera access, and amplifier access. Each time you open an application that once approached these highlights, it should request your consent once more. That is somewhat of a bother, however it’s a certain fire approach to stop any applications you may have accidentally allowed area administrations admittance to, from getting to GPS all alone.

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