How to Stop Oreo Battery Draining and Extend Battery Life version 8.1

The Good news is that Google has introduced and also released new settings that is built-in the Android Oreo version 8.1,and this new settings is to save and also stop Oreo battery draining completely. The previous Oreo version 8.0 had made battery problem in significant selling the device,so there are too many queries concerning it,many people have also took it up on social media platforms and forums. Since passing information is what we do majorly,we have compile this article on How to Stop Oreo Battery Draining and Extend Battery Life version 8.1 wholesomely for you and your friends out there,so we advice you to read and follow the instructions correctly.

We are delighted to inform you  Oreo that Android brought a lot of New features which have definitely made the front  headlines in Technology, among this features.there was a particular feature that all  Android fans more delighted, and that’s the new battery improvements introduced. Although this Android has been coming out with latest release, Oreo smartphone users have already been facing a lot of Challenges about Oreo Battery  Draining.

How to Check Battery Usage History

Already,your Android device have an inbuilt setting that can help anyone check the device battery usage,but the Oreo Android version 8.1 has added a useful enhancement to it. For anyone to check the battery usage of Android Oreo version 8.1

You have follow the below procedures;Go to Settings > Battery. Under ‘App usage since full charge‘ section, you can actively see the screen on time. We can either disable or remove the application from this menu by going to its details.

How to Stop Oreo Battery Draining and Extend Battery Life

BACKGROUND ACTIVITY: This segment gives you the details to analyze the usage of that particular application in your phone and also with Background activity,you can stop or force your cellphone to limit the extend that particular application (App) can have effect in your battery life.

Ways to Check Phone CPU Clock Cycle

The Phone CPU always demands high battery life  when working with a high CPU cycle. Therefore, when you think your Oreo Phone battery is draining quickly, the CPU clock may be stuck with the higher clock cycle. We have tested with the Pixel 2, those are suffering battery drain with the app CPU-Z PlayStore Link.

Battery Drain

You should know that the ideal clock speed will be 300Mhz. However, the Pixel 2 battery that we have tested draining quickly. We found that the CPU is running on the maximum clock cycle for all 8 cores, and that is 2457MHz. Just restart your Pixel 2 (or Oreo updated phone) to bring back the CPU into idle speed.

 How to Disable Bluetooth, WiFi, and other Services

Research had shown that low signal WiFi and Bluetooth have been found as the culprit in the most of the cases for the severe battery drain for the devices updated with android 8.0. We advise you to take this best approach which is to keep close look on your android Bluetooth settings and also disable the service whenever is not in used.

Wifi Oreo

Concerning WiFi draining issues, the popularly know setting is to turn off constant WiFi scanning and google took care of this on android Oreo version 8.1. Therefore, you have to set your WiFi to scan only nearby devices and with this, you can interrupt with with frequently wifi scanning and wake lock configuration on your Oreo version 8.1

Android Oreo brings a new feature to automatically turn off WiFi to save power while in the low signal area. The WiFi will automatically turn on when you back home or the Android device detects a strong WiFi signal like the home network.

We can turn off the WiFi scanning by either toggling from the Quick Settings or the WIFI Configuration Settings. In the WiFi settings, we can set to keep WiFi connectivity during phone sleep or only when plugged in.

When the devices have poor cellular connections, they tend to consume more power than usual by working more on fetching the signal for the network. So in such locations with a low cellular signal, turn off cellular data.

How to Set Background Process Limit

In previous versions of Android, to save battery, we had to change advanced settings of forcing Background process limit. Users can set the standard limits or by processes for the background services found in the developer settings menu. Android Oreo comes with the built-in feature of assigning automatic defaults to the apps installed on the device for working as a background process.

Do note that this will prevent notifications to pop up. Because the service will not be allowed to work in the background. Also, to limit this background process on Android Oreo, you need the specific apps to support the Android Oreo 8.0 API level 26. The service works in two ways: Background service limitations and Broadcast limitations. Even when the apps don’t support API 26, the option can be turned from the Settings > Battery screen.

Android Battery Saver Mode

Android has a built-in Battery Saver Mode (low power mode), which can disable most services and features like the UI animations to save battery even further The GPS services, display brightness, app updates, and vibrations will all be altered in this mode. That’s pretty nifty for those who want to save every bit of battery power that they can.

In addition to the Android’s built-in Battery Saver mode, you can try additional third-party apps like Greenify which actively monitors the background apps to be kept in hibernation. This battery saver app for Android can save battery by adding apps to be put into hibernation. It also implements the Aggressive Doze mode automatically for countering wake locks.

How to Clear Android App Cache

Sometimes the cache stored by the apps can go haywire and cause problems especially for the newer releases of updates. To fix such problems, we can try clearing the cache. Clearing cache can not only increase the overall performance but can also increase the life of the battery. Due to the new storage policies introduced by Google, deleting of cache now takes place automatically. This is done when the storage space is being filled up. Apps that do not yet support this feature thus bring complexities to the idea.

In the older versions of Android, clearing the cache for all apps at once can be done in Storage Settings. But Oreo changed that setting different from what we are used to. As clearing the cache is done automatically, we cannot delete all of them at once manually. But fear not, we can still manually clear individual app caches all we want. To do this,

Go To, Settings > Storage. Tap on Other apps and tap on the app you want to clear cache for. Select Clear Cache and you are done. Furthermore, a simple restart can give your device a whole lot of good. This can recalibrate the resources and restart all processes bringing performance and battery improvements.

How set  up Oreo Display Setting

The component which chews up your power is the screen. Now tweaking up some of the display settings can gain you some extra mileage.

First of all, one of the most common methods is to keep your screen at low brightness whenever possible. Screensaver features and screen timeouts can turn off or dim your screen whenever the phone sits idle for a specified period. Use these Android Oreo Display features to improve battery performance efficiently. And extend the battery life to the maximum on Oreo device.

Use Lightweight Apps to Save Battery

Now, you might think you are going to have to get rid of your favorite apps. Well hold on, we have a solution for you. If the specific apps are the ones causing battery drain, there are light versions of those apps. These Android light app versions are built to work on low-end phones that consume less battery power and resources. You can switch to these lighter versions of the app from the list Best Android Lightweight Apps Good for Low-Speed Data & Memory Phones.

Google themselves have taken effective steps to develop quality apps. These Google Lite apps go very soft on the device batter and resources. There is a list of Google Lite Apps for  Android Phones with a slow Internet connection. With these apps, you can save the Android battery while enjoying Google apps and services.

Lightweight Browsers to Save Data and Battery

Owing to the significant improvements and trends in recent times, popular browser apps have been complemented with an alternate lite version. These light versions are build to save battery while browsing. If you want to switch to this lightweight.

Final Workarounds for Android Oreo Battery Drain

If the issue persists even after all these suggestions, we can narrow down the problem to the OS itself. This would also mean though the apps are still using resources, they are not the primary culprit for the battery draining issue. Google has publicly taken responsibility for most cases in the Android Battery draining issue on several devices. Google Play Services on the November security patch was investigated.

All that you can do now is to wait for Google to provide the fixes with further software updates. If you are profoundly affected, resetting your device or going back to the older version can be the last resort. But that will wipe all the data on the device. Hence, try resetting only when everything fails.’Android Oreo brings a new feature to automatically turn off WiFi to save power while in the low signal area. The WiFi will automatically turn on when you back home or the Android device detects a strong WiFi signal like the home network.

We hopefully believe you find this tutorial on How to Stop Oreo Battery Draining and Extend Battery Life version 8.1 useful. Do use the comment box below for question and suggestions.

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