How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone – 2020

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

Transferring music from your computer to iPhone is a very easy task, and we have written this tutorial on how to transfer music from computer to iPhone to educate you all. So it does not even matter if you are using PC or MAC,all you need is to either synchronize your music library or choose to transfer a selected music to transfer.

Basic Steps to Transfer iTunes to iPhone

The following are basic ways to transfer iTunes to your iPhone;you have to follow keenly and must have them already installed.

  •  Download and install latest version iTunes from iTunes website.
  •  Make sure you have the latest version on your computer or you can open the App store to check for current updates.
  • You can’t transfer music from an iPhone to a computer: iTunes only performs a one-way synchronization to an iPhone.

 When you the challenges of updates issues after installing iTunes, we recommend you to reinstall and visit the official websites of iTunes to download and after which, you are expected to run a set up and restore your music library if you have them backup.

Ways/Steps to Connect your iPhone iTunes

Here are the surest ways to connect your iPhone to your computer and link your iTunes in.

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable.

  • Launch iTunes.

  • In the upper-left corner of the iTunes window, select the iPhone icon, located to the right of the media menu.

You will see the iPhone icon on the left iTunes panel exactly on the DEVICE section. we commend you select any media of your choice to transfer.

How to Automatically Transfer Music From iTunes

 It more recommendable to synchronize your iPhone to iTunes automatically, which is also the easiest medium,While using iTunes, it will show you the storage info about your iPhone and others features.

  • On the iTunes window now showing the device, select the Music menu tab in the left pane.

  • Select Sync Music to enable it.

  • To enable the transfer of all your music, select Entire music library.

  • If you prefer to select only certain songs from your iTunes library, choose Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. To specify the playlists, artists, albums, and genres, scroll down and select the media you want to sync.
  • To automatically sync music to the iPhone, select Apply to start the transfer process.

If a message appears stating that iTunes can sync with only one library at a time, read it carefully so that you understand what will happen, then select Sync and Replace.

How to Transfer Music Manually From iTunes

If you don’t want iTunes to automatically transfer music to your iPhone, it’s possible to configure the program for manual syncing. This method offers more control over which of your iTunes media you want on your iPhone.

  • Near the top of the main iTunes screen, select Summary in the left panel.

  • Select Manually manage music and videos to enable this mode.

  • Select Apply to save the settings.

  • Select the back arrow at the top of iTunes and locate the Library section in the left pane. Select Songs. You can also select Albums, Artists or Genres.

  • Drag and drop songs from the main iTunes window to the left pane where the phone is listed. If you have several songs you want to sync at once, press and hold Ctrl or Command and then select each song.

We believe you find this tutorial on how to transfer music from computer to iPhone useful,please use the comment box below for comments and suggestion and do not forget to bookmark and follow us on your social medias.

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