How to Turn Off Watch Party on Facebook Groups 2020

Facebook have too many exciting features which Watch party is one of the them although it usually a disturbing feature that pops up every time. This awesome article on how is on how to turn off watch party on Facebook groups 2020. Facebook Watch Party is one of the best and renowned ways to share enjoyable videos on your wall. One of the attribute is being able to create a watch party on any of the Facebook groups you are part of. Although you can block other members from creating Facebook Watch Parties on the group so as to restrict them from creating Spam Watch Parties.

This is so far the most effectives way to turn off Facebook Watch Party on your groups.

Disable Facebook Watch Party on Groups

Being the Admin of your group, you can regulate the posts your members make on the group. These are the best steps to follow in other to avoid spam Watch Parties on your group.

  • Lunch the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Visit the Facebook group you want to set.
  • Click on the Admin option at the very upper right corner.
  • Open the Group Settings from the popup menu.
  • Below you should choose “Features” section, tap on Watch Party.
  • Click on Toggle off switch to block everyone from creating a watch party on your Facebook group.
  • If you want only few to create watch party videos click on Only admins can create.

disable facebook watch party


Please note; that this feature on How to Turn Off Watch Party on Facebook Groups 2020 is only accessible by Facebook users on the Facebook App, which implies that user using Facebook web can turn of watch party feature using web browser.

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How to Start a Facebook Watch Party

Although we have already given you tips on How to Turn Off Watch Party on Facebook Groups 2020, we also want to teach you how to start a Facebook watch party in case you don’t know how to; So you can start Watch party both on a group and also on your wall where you have friends that will watch them. so below is about it;

  • Visit the Profile Page or Facebook home page.
  • Click on new status textbox.
  • Choose Watch Party by scrolling down  Popcorn Bucket icon.

new video to add to facebook watch party

  • Select the videos from the list.
  • Click on “Add to Queue” button, and the video will be premiered through your Watch Party.
  • Click Done.
  • Tap the Watch Party snippet to add title and description.
  • Add up your caption from the textbox as you wish.
  • When you are done selecting your videos, Click Publish to start Watch Party.

If you want only the members of a specific group to watch your stream, you can enter the group and start Watch Party as in the above tutorial. The publishing procedures are all the same, except with its public visibility. Members of the group can join the Watch Party, become co-hosts, and comment. Others can also share your Watch Party post, depending on the group’s nature. Facebook’s Watch Party is almost like publishing a Live or Recorded Live video. Whatever controls you are doing over the Watch Party will reflect in the stream. Therefore, you can pause, skip, or change the video during the Watch Party streaming.

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