How To Turn ON Or OFF On Lock Screen / Galaxy S6 Weather Icon

You obviously believe with that while looking at the lock screen on the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, weather widget is indeed an app you will definitely notice and is majorly designed to shows the current weather based on your location. Although this  is part of the standard phone settings, but in case you don’t use the weather icon on the lock screen, you can disable this feature. Use the instructions below to learn How To Turn ON Or OFF On Lock Screen / Galaxy S6 Weather Icon This great app has the feature to displays the Weather temperature in a small icon on the lock screen to eliminate the need to bypass the lock screen to find the weather conditions.

How To Turn ON Or OFF On Lock Screen / Galaxy S6 Weather Icon

Where to Locate Weather app on the Galaxy S6?

Although you may have a favorite weather app you can use to understand what’s happening near you, many people believe in any useful app. For some people, this means that weather notifications via Google Now are perfect, while others rely on the quick view feature built into their favorite clock widget. Like most Android phones, Galaxy S6 and S6 edge provide a built-in weather clock widget that will appear the first time you visit the home screen. The same weather information can be found on the lock screen and in the information stream of the Galaxy S6 edge. It is backed by Accuweather, works well, and you can quickly check your current weather.

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The solitary thing missing is the genuine application. At any rate, that is the manner by which you’d presumably feel in the event that you went searching for this application in your launcher. What you’re seeing here is another illustration of Samsung’s inbuilt app, which means you several alternatives for getting to and utilizing the application to get your climate report

How To Turn ON Or OFF On Lock Screen / Galaxy S6 Weather Icon:

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How to turn ON or OFF weather information on lock screen with the Galaxy S6:

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.
  2. From the Home screen go to the Apps page.
  3. Browse and select on Settings.
  4. Select on the Lock screen.
  5. Select the Lock screen option.
  6. Either check or uncheck the Weather box to turn ON or OFF this feature
  7. Select the Home button to return to the standby mode.

Assuming you decide to follow this steps, when your telephone is locked you will see climate data will turn up there showing the temperature and your present location. If you need to wind down the climate symbol on the lock screen, you will no more so it on the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge lock screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Weather Widget Disappeared (Solved)

For users who have a Samsung Galaxy S6, you may want to know where the weather widget/app has gone. Android has a weather widget that can display the current weather conditions running on Accuweather. But for some reason, Samsung Galaxy S6 lacks clock and weather widgets. The weather widget on the Galaxy S6 appears to have moved out of the home screen.

It may be that you deleted the weather application and have to relocate it. If you want to find the weather widget, you need to select on the clock to open the full screen mode that displays the clock and weather applications. You can quickly add missing weather widgets on Samsung Galaxy S6 by following the instructions below.

How to add weather widget on Samsung Galaxy S6

You should simply go to the home screen and press and hang on the primary key. Then, at that point the home screen will minimize and you’ll see a screen showing distinctive menu catches to you. Then, select on the catch “gadgets”. Peruse the distinctive Galaxy S6 gadget until you track down the Weather report Widget.

When you track down the Weather report Widget, press and hold the symbol until it floats and you can put the climate application on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6. You’ll realize that the climate gadget is showing up again when you see the “AccuWeather” symbol on your Samsung Galaxy S6 home screen. You should now know where the weather gadget/app is on your Samsung cell phone.

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