Steps to Connect and Control Light Bulbs with Google Home

Welcome to this awesome article on steps to connect and control light bulb with google home. Its delightful to note that google home being a smart speaker have come with super and variables of automation and sensitive to devices that has Wi-Fi connectivity. On this write up, we are have complied steps to show you to control your Wi-Fi enabled device ranging from your doors, shower, and most especially smart bulbs which has also become cheaper in the stores to purchase.

Connect and Control light bulb with Google home

We have comprehensively made this guide for you to connect and run your light Bulb successfully, we only plead with you to follow our instruction carefully. Having purchased your smart bulbs for your home, please read these steps to know how you can connect and control the light bulb using Google Home voice command.

How to Connect Compatible Smart Bulb to Google Home

First, you should know that google home has the ability to connect with every smart device that is Wi-Fi enabled in your home. But however, we have based on experience and practical want to tell how a smart bulb can be compatible with google home such like the (C by GE). So, if you this devices, below are the few steps and a well explained picture to your aid.

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  • Insert your smart bulb and Turn it ON.
  •  Make your smart bulb setting to be on Reset
  • Lunch your Google Home app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Click on plus sign “+” button at the upper left corner.
  • Click on “Set up device” option.
  • Click on Set up new devices and select your Home.
  • Choose “Smart Bulb” on the next screen.
  • You have connect the smart bulb to Wi-Fi, The same way you set up Google Home speaker.
  • Then lastly you must follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your bulb with Google Home speaker.

Set Up Smart Home Device in Google Home

Smart Bulb that use google home App are few, so therefore, If you cannot find your bulb from the Google Home app to connect, make sure it has Google Assistant support.

How to Connect Any Smart Bulb to Google Home Using Google Assistant

In furtherance, How to Connect Compatible Smart Bulb using Google Home App is only accessible by smart bulbs that are officially supported by the app. But if for instance you bought a lesser priced bulb, this steps below using google assistant app on your smart phones can connect your smart bulb with your google home speaker device.

  • Lunch Google Assistant app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Click on profile icon at the top right corner.
  • Visit Devices from the Settings menu.
  • Click on “Add Devices” button.
  • Select “Link a smart home device” on the next screen.
  • You must locate and indicate your smart bulb brand and choose the device.
  • Follow the redirected window screen, sign in to your smart lightning device account and authorize Google Assistant to access the bulb.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hopefully you have successfully set up your smart bulb using google assistant, Please note that you can link any smart bulb that has Google Home support with this step. And also, you have the ability to assign the bulb to a room so that you can control the bulb more specifically if you have multiple smart bulbs connected to the same account.

Connect and Authorize Smart Bulb with Google Assistant

Steps to Control Google Home Smart Light

.Although, when you are done connecting your smart bulb with google home speaker. For you to control it shouldn’t be a problem to you. But however, when you have too many google home speaker in your home, please use any of these speakers  to control any smart bulb. There are two options for you to control your smart bulb with, is either you are using your voice or your google home app.

Using Voice command

  • Hey Google, set living room light brightness to 100.
  • Hey Google, living room bulb to GREEN color.
  • Hey Google, set a bedroom bulb to MILD.
  • Hey Google, set Alex’s room bulb to RED color

Using Google home App

  • Lunch the Google Home app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Select your bulb.
  • Control the brightness, turn on or off the bulb.
  • Tap the “Color” button and choose your desired bulb color.

Hopefully you find this article on steps to connect and control light bulb with google home useful, please use the comment box below for question and suggestion.



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