Ways To Charge Laptop Without a Charger – 5 ways to charge your laptop

Human being nature have always being in the state of leaving important things behind because of hurry to get to work, appointment and other things. most times we forget to get our charger to power laptop and phones. we are here to show you ways to charge a laptop without a charger. Please read the article and follow the steps.

Now, if you forgot the charger for your cellphone, you would simply connect it through a USB cable to your laptop. But what if you forgot your laptop’s charger? Have you ever been to work without your phone charger but you managed to drag your laptop but on the same hand forgot the charger? if yes, this will show you how to survive such condition. So if you are running low on battery in your cellphone, and cannot afford to be offline and consider this several ways to charger your laptop.

Kinds of USB Required

Most laptops are beautifully designed with several ports to connect them with other device and most of the can serve and a charging source to the device connected, But before we give you details, lets explain in brief the different kinds of USB PORTTypes of USB Ports

USB Type-A port

USB type -A port is a standard port that is flat and also rectangular in shape. This USB port is designed to do the follow; to transfer data, power output, connectivity with other device. This TYPE A USB port can support USB(2.0),USB(3.0) and USB(3.1)

With this port, is not allow to use it a power source to charge our laptop with because their function is not empower to charge laptop itself.

USB Type C port

Here is new USB port called TYPE -C, this port has connector like a micro size USB. it also have a powerful input capacity which features USB(3.1) and USB(3.2) with over 10 to 20gbits Speed.

TYPE C- will help us charge our laptop without a dedicated charger around or nearby.

Therefore, as we have earlier stated, this article is majorly compile to explain how to charge your laptop without a charger or its original charger nearby.

  1. Charge your laptop with USB Type C port
  2. Gets benefits from your car battery
  3. Use a universal power adapter
  4. Use universal auto/air adapter
  5. Charging your laptop’s battery externally

Charge your laptop with USB-C

You can charge your laptop with a Power Bank, all you need to do is connect your USB C cable to your laptop and connect with your high voltage power bank. We advice you not to use the Power bank you charge your phone with for your laptop using because your laptop have a powerful energy more than your cellphone.

One can also use a cellphone to power your laptop with USB C port when is duly connected. Please note that not all laptop have USB C port, so we are recommend you to check the computer that have USB C port before buying a LAPTOP

Get benefits from your car battery

Sometimes you are on the move and can only carry a limited number of supplies. What if you have the USB-C port but no power source to connect the laptop too? Your car can be a useful charging tool in dire times. In this case scenario, you can use different methods to recharge your laptop.

For a relatively easier method you will need an AC adapter, having a USB Type-A connector at one end and a USB Type C connector on the other end, and a USB charger. Now all you need to do is plug the USB charger in the vehicle, turn on the engine and connect the USB-C connector with your laptop.

The second method will require some creativity and you will need a built-in voltage regulator which is often available in several automobiles. The voltage regulator helps you to step down the battery voltage to the required amount.  In this method, we are going to hard wire the laptop to your car’s fuse box.

The only problem is that laptops are not able to lower down the incoming voltage are designed to accept their native AC adapters as a power source. This is where our voltage regulator comes into play. By connecting the laptop to the voltage regulator and then to the car battery, we can lower the voltage to the required amount.

Another beginner-friendly method would be to use a power inverter. The power inverter can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. These can provide sufficient power to charge your laptop.

Use a universal power adapter

Universal power adapters can be a good investment if you are using old laptops and don’t plan on replacing your machine. These are adapters that are available with several interchangeable charger tips. So you need not worry about losing the tip that is compatible with your laptop either.

The upside on these is that some of these can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter. Additionally, you can share it with your colleagues since it has quite a number of interchangeable tips for most commonly used laptops.

The downside is that the performance can be lackluster unless you have a premium adapter and, in most cases, it isn’t a better substitute than your dedicated adapter.

Unless it provides the optimal power, there is a chance of it reducing the battery’s lifespan. Some premium adapters offer voltage settings, however, and might be worth checking out.

Use universal auto/air adapter

Some laptops can be connected to the universal chargers available in cars or airplanes. A power cord might be required depending on what universal charger your car has to offer, but some can make do with a USB cord.

Make sure that the universal charger works with your laptop prior to connecting it via a USB cord. This should go without saying but this procedure requires that the engine is running.

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Charging your laptop battery externally

This might be quite helpful the charging jack has been damaged or if your laptop does not have a USB-C port. This can be done in a number of ways. Check if your laptop has an AC adapter available, if so, then connect the charger with the adapter port of the battery.

If this isn’t viable due to lacking some requisites, you can get an external laptop battery charger. Make sure the external charger meets the requirements of your laptop’s battery as each has different specifications.

Considering you don’t have a backup battery, next time you buy one, make sure it comes equipped with an AC port. Keep charging that while you use your laptop. This way you can be ahead of time and have at least one fully charged battery at your disposal.

We hopefully knew that you find this article on ways to charge a laptop without charger useful. please use the comment box for question and suggestions.

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