WhatsApp New disappearing messages / new storage features

The WhatsApp Social communication app has simply introduced new nice options  for its subscriber around the globe. The newly introduced features are ” The new WhatsApp disappearing messages / new storage options. This feature are provided for you to set according to your wish; which means that as an individual or group admin, you have the choice to enable the option to automatically delete chats of you and friends or group chat after (7) seven days. Just like i have earlier said before, an individual can enable this feature when you no longer want to see those chat.

WhatsApp New disappearing messages, new storage features

According to the spokesman of whatsapp cooperation, ‘The seven days(7) chosen for your messages to last before disappearing, is for you as an individual or group admin to complete know what you might have typed in the conversation and also for you peace of mind and the notion to also notify you that messages are no longer permanent”.

Invariably, what they new disappearing messages feature is for you retain messages when you need them and allow it to go when you don’t wan to see the messages.

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Important of whatsap new Disappearing messages

This new whatsapp disappearing will also make your videos, files, and photos to disappear after 7 Seven days for both you and your friends. Although you can save yourself some stress and have a screenshot or copy of important stuff to you. But above all this feature help your device to have a storage space.

WhatsApp says it will start rolling out disappearing messages to all users this month. We have earlier told that, you will enable this feature in your setting by allowing disappearing messages on per contact and whatsapp groups.

Please note that once this great might completely set, it will be available and ready as a new option in your contact section of every friend on whatsapp. Although, the setting will not wipe out your old messages, videos and photo but will to effect from the new messages after settings.

New Storage Management Tool

This is another great feature that was also introduced along side with the former, this New storage management tool will help locate MANAGE STORAGE which will direct your files that have appear more one once to appear in a particular folder or space and files, video and pictures that is above 5MB will also have specific folder to save. With this feature, one can easily locate which folder that is taking much storage space in their smartphone and PC.

How to set the New Storage Management Tool

Visit your “Manage storage” submenu in Settings/Storage and Data.

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