Write a Business Proposal for your Startup – Ultimate Business strategy

How to Write a Business Proposal for your Startup

We are glad to compile this awesome article of write a business proposal for your startup – ultimate business strategy, writing a business proposal your startup is not an easy task you have to consider many factors and make hard research. The authentic business plan increases your chances of getting a deal with investors and partners.

How to Write a Business Proposal for your Startup

You have to do your homework when writing a business plan by having all the necessary details investors are thriving to see.

A good business proposals is essential to increasing your business startup, quality, expansion and potential. For you to have a business plan, there are basic things you have to know and they are as followed;

Business Proposal for your Startup – Ultimate Business strategy

Many investors and partners are very skeptical people for you to land an investment with them you need to do your homework by having all the necessary details about the business your business. Who are you, what are your qualifications, and why would a potential client pick you over your competitors? You should bear in mind that for you to attract favor and a good image of your company you need to keep it simple and explicit.

Basic question you need to be aware of before engaging on writing your proposal include:

  • Where is your market ? who are you selling your business to. You have to pin point and analyze your market. Market research and statistics is very vital to landing deal. If your numbers are correct it improve your chances.
  • Your competition? Are you the first to venture into such business or do you have competition?, is the competitor enjoying a monopoly?
  • Knowledge of the problem and Solution:  Your business proposal is suppose to show your client that you really understood The problem. That you have the solution to the problem which is even better than that of the competition.
  • Pricing and methodology: Investors like numbers, you should capture the revenue model of the business. And how long will it take for the business to be profitable.

Since we have done justice to the basic rudiment of writing your business proposal, let dive properly into the main business.

Title page

This phase will contain data such as  your company’s name and contact information, your company logo, your client’s name and contact information, the date, and a title. it should contain every information required of a formal document.

 A cover letter

The cover letter is mandated to have a brief history of your start up. When it started, the objects and nature of your start up business. It should contain the strides you have made on your own to commence business. Also let investors know the future aspirations of your startup shortly.

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Table of contents

This phase is very important because it show or help investors to know  in a nutshell the content of your start up business proposal. The only time you should not include a table of content is when the proposal is very brief. If you are sending the proposal by email, create a linked table of contents, so that the reader can easily revisit sections without having to navigate through multiple pages. This will make the investor visit the key sections he wants to see.

Executive summary

This segment must be be in a concise detailed form contain why the investor needs to invest in your start up, the problem and the solution, what sets you apart from the competition, your business and revenue model and when will the startup be profitable.


The proposal will contain in brief the mode of your startup, the object of business and the amount you seek from the investor and for what exact purpose you are seeking the funds from him and what he stands to gain in form of equity.

With the above explained rudiments, i must tell you that your business proposal is superb and will receive a reasonable consideration from your investors.

We believe you find this great article of Write a Business Proposal for your Startup – Ultimate Business strategy helpful, please if you have question or suggestion please use the comment box below.


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